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Launch a validator node or stake AVAX instantly.
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  • $10M



Stake your AVAX assets to ggAVAX and earn daily staking rewards along with 1000 other stakers.
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    Swap AVAX for ggAVAX. Audited by the best.
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    ggAVAX accrues stakes AVAX rewards daily.
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    Put your staked AVAX to work across DeFi to compound yield.
  • 4.0%

  • $10M



Stake GGP, get matched with AVAX, and launch your node. Use your GGP rewards to gain AVAX delegations.
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    Launch a new validator in minutes, with a few clicks.
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    Maintain ownership of your new validator.
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    Receive AVAX delegation from our protocol by staking GGP tokens.
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Provide tools to build the Subnet Economy

Subnets have the potential to revolutionize financial freedom for people across the world, and we are laying the foundation.
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By leveraging GoGoPool, builders will have one of their key friction points removed catalyzing rapid growth in the Avalanche subnet economy.

- Austin Barack, Partner, CoinFund
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  • What is Avalanche?
    Avalanche is a blockchain created by Ava Labs, solving the [Trilemma]( It is:
    1. Secure
    2. Decentralized
    3. Fast
    Alongside a breakthrough consensus protocol, Avalanche has infinite horizontal scaling with Subnets.
  • What is a subnet?
    A Subnet is a sovereign network which defines its own rules regarding its membership and token economics. It is composed of a dynamic subset of Avalanche validators working together to achieve consensus on the state of one or more blockchains.
    1. What is liquid staking?
      In Proof of Stake networks, users can lock up tokens to help secure the network while earning rewards. While locked up, funds are inaccessible.

      With liquid staking, users deposit AVAX into GoGoPool and receives a liquid staking token. This liquid staking token represents the deposited AVAX as well as any staking rewards it has accrued over time.

      Users can now earn more yield by deposit their liquid staking token into DeFi apps, while being able to exit their positions easily and safely.
      1. How does GoGoPool work? 
        GoGoPool has two users; node operators and liquid stakers.

        By using our GGP token node operators can launch new validator nodes with only 1000 AVAX by being matched with liquid staking funds, and earn AVAX and GGP rewards. By restaking GGP rewards node operators request delegation from the liquid staking pool, increasing their overall yield.

        Liquid stakers deposit AVAX and receive ggAVAX. ggAVAX represents the deposited AVAX and any rewards accrued, and can be used across DeFi apps to generate even more yield.

        Join our Discord to ask questions from our friendly and helpful community! We will be releasing a Preview Build soon as a way for community members to get familiar with the protocol.
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